You can generate timely targeted traffic from YahooAnswers, and begin to make money immediately.

As we all know, Yahoo!Answers is the largest world’s question and answer community. You can attract targeted customers to your site and generate sales with AnswersChief. AnsweriChief can automatically handle all your Yahoo!Answers work.We have tested, AnswersChief fully,we know it can bring customers for you every day, and it can become a 24 -hour non-stopping money-making machine.

Answers Chief



What can Answechief do for you?

AnswersChief is the best professional market promotion software that aimed at YAHOO!ANSWERS. And the tailor-made AnswersChief aims at the newest version of YAHOO!ANSWERS. Not only can you automatically submit questions and answers with AnsweChief, but you can also insert images to your questions and answers. Even without submitting a link, customers will visit your site.

You can import YAHOO accounts in bulk to AnswersChief in order to answer and submit questions. Almost all the targeted groups can see your site, and become your potential customers.

Automatically cast votes in bulk not only to quickly upgrade your YAHOO account, but also to operate and control others’ answering ranks. The fully automatic best- answer selecting function will help your account to quickly become integral and to bring long-term stable traffic.

Why do you use AnswersChief?

AnswersChief supports all-round functions compared with other similar software. AnswersChief can run hundreds of accounts and dozens of tasks quickly while remaining stable, in order to generate maximum benefits for you.

AnswersChief has very good account management and protecting security, it can use your account to its maximum potential to avoid banning.

We have more than seven years' experience of developming Yahoo!Answers software. AnswersChief is a software that aims at the newest YAHOO!ANSWERS. It can fully meet your requirements. And we will update the software free and continuously, we promise that the software can run at all times.

  • Easy to Use
  • Huge Targeted Traffic
  • Make Money Fast
  • Free Updates
  • Extensive Experience
  • Professional Skills

Main Functions

Account Manager

Powerful account management function, making it safe and easy for you to manage and use multiple accounts at the same time.

Answer Questions

Automatically bulk-answer new and old questions in bulk to quickly generate targeted traffic.

Ask Questions

You can submit questions in bulk, and use your account to answer these questions first, before other account holders can answer. This can bring long-term, stable traffic to your site, and it is very helpful for SEO.

Submit Images

When you submit answers and questions, you can insert images to make them more realistic and attractive. You can also display your website address in the picture.

Realtime Watch

AnswersChief will monitor in real-time in order to get the newest questions that meet the parameters of your settings, and it will first-answer these questions. If you use this function, your answer is almost always ranked first.

Vote Answers

You can cast a votes according to your settings. Not only can you quickly promote your account's level, but you can also operate and control the answering ranks.

Select Best Answers

The program can automatically bulk-select your answers as best answers. Not only can quickly make your account integral, but it can also generate more customers for you.


AnswersChief can run multi tasks simultaneously. While AnswersChief is operating, you can also add operate new task, manage account, edit answers etc. It won’t affect the current running tasks when you do other operations.

Functions List Free Version Pro Version Elite Version
Multi-Threads to create and edit accounts.
Multi-Threads to answer questions, post questions, vote, select best answer and so on. All functions can be multi-threaded.
Register and save accounts with a proxy, then use the same proxy later for other operations like answering a question, voting, etc.(This will protect your account from being banned)
Auto-Vote function to upgrade your accounts to level 2 safely and easily.
Watch questions real-time and answer them immediately to generate instant traffic.
Post your own questions and answer them, then select them as best answers to generate long-term traffic and for SEO purposes.
Insert images and other attachments into your answers and questions.
Manage and run multi-campaigns simutaneously.
All-round statistics system to save and view your campaign running results.
All the basic functions of our previous software, Answereye (Batch-post answers and questions, Select best answer, Question search, Real-time question-watch, Real-time question answer, vote, etc.)
Auto-spin your answer with free SpinnerChief API
Full account manager - Create, Check, Import and Export 
Bind proxies to accounts. 
Random name generator-choose from male/female. 
Multiple answers campaign management with spin answer + source /td>
Token/Message Spinning
Add 'delay' during posting
Vote answer as 'Best Answer'
Import/use pre-written questions/answers 
Integrated proxy support with auto rotation 
Debug mode 
Detailed usere guide/documentation 
Newbie-friendly tutorial videos and coaching 
Free lifetime updates (LOTS to come!)  
Free lifetime support (Forum and Live Chat)  
Quick access toolbar 
Auto-captcha solving.
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Functions List Free Version Pro Version Elite Version